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Let us employ the little grey cells for a moment in appreciation of one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time: Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. Between the 1920s and the 1970s, the Belgian detective appeared in 42 novels and short story collections. He has been portrayed on screen many times, most recently by the British actor David Suchet. Thanks to Acorn Media, I'm offering one lucky person the opportunity to win a special prize pack of Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Series 1-4, (valued at $160.00)!
Here is a little more information about each series:

Series 1: (approx. 501 minutes)
These 10 full-length mysteries star fan-favorite and BAFTA nominee David Suchet as the brilliant Belgian detective. Based on the novels by Agatha Christie, these lavish adaptations capture every splendid detail of the Art Deco era. ITV Studios’ Poirot has aired on ITV1 in the U.K. since 1989 and on PBS and A&E in the U.S. The 3-vol. DVD set includes all 10 mysteries from the first series, now with SDH subtitles.

The Adventure of the Clapham Cook;
Murder in the Mews;
The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly;
Four and Twenty Blackbirds;
The Third Floor Flat;
Triangle at Rhodes;
Problem at Sea;
The Incredible Theft;
The King of Clubs;
The Dream

Series 2: The diminutive detective returns in these nine full-length mysteries, starring beloved actor and BAFTA nominee David Suchet as a “near-perfect Poirot” (USA Today) in these sumptuous adaptations of Christie’s bestsellers.
(approx. 507 minutes)

Peril at End House;
The Veiled Lady;
The Lost Mine;
The Cornish Mystery;
The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim;
Double Sin;
The Adventure of the Cheap Flat;
The Kidnapped Prime Minister;
The Adventure of the Western Star

Series 3: The impeccable Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) is back on the case in these 11 mysteries from the hit series.
(approx. 606 minutes)

The Mysterious Affair at Styles—Poirot and Hastings tackle their first case together.
How Does Your Garden Grow?—Poirot cultivates leads in a murder case.
The Million Dollar Bond Robbery—The detective investigates an international banking caper.
The Plymouth Express—Poirot is called in when a case of romantic intrigue turns fatal.
Wasps’ Nest—Hastings’s new photography hobby helps Poirot crack a case.
The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor—A writer calls Poirot for help untangling his own plot.
The Double Clue—The detective seems taken with an exiled countess while investigating a jewel heist.
The Mystery of the Spanish Chest—Poirot is a guest at a dinner party that turns deadly.
The Theft of the Royal Ruby—An Egyptian prince learns a difficult lesson about who to trust.
The Affair at the Victory Ball—A costume party becomes a crime scene when two revelers are murdered.
The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge—A wealthy landowner becomes the quarry during a hunting party.

Series 3 also stars Hugh Fraser (Sharpe) as the affable Captain Hastings, Philip Jackson (Little Voice) as Chief Inspector Japp, and Pauline Moran as Miss Lemon.

Series 4: The endearingly eccentric detective Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) is back on the case in these three feature-length mysteries from the hit series. 
(approx. 306 minutes)


The ABC Murders— Poirot investigates the baffling mystery of a murderer who announces his next victims through a series of chilling letters, each addressed to the detective himself.

Death in the Clouds— There’s murder in the skies as a ruthless blackmailer is killed on board a plane full of likely suspects. Unfortunately for the culprit, a certain Belgian detective is a fellow passenger

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe— When a popular dentist is gunned down, a murderous chain of events ensues. A broken shoe buckle becomes the key to untangling a deadly web of deception.

Series 4 also stars Donald Sumpter (Game of Thrones), Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who), Hugh Fraser (Sharpe) as the affable Captain Hastings, and Philip Jackson (Little Voice) as Chief Inspector Japp.

That's a lot of Poirot!  To enter to win this amazing series, just leave a comment stating your favorite mystery author.  Be sure to leave you email address in the comment (or on your Blogger profile, if you have one) so that I can contact you if you are the lucky winner.  Open to US residents only.  Enter by April 15.  The winner will be selected by and contacted by email.

Thanks so much to Acorn Media for providing this wonderful prize, and good luck!


Anonymous said...

I like Agatha Christie's works.

Jon said...

I'm a fan of Christie, but my two favorite contemporary mystery writers of Laurien Berenson and M.C. Beaton. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I really like Jonathon Kellerman, but I've read all of Chritie's novels, too!

bookworm1414 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I love Christie and P.D. James!

Mysharona said...

I like Jim Thompson

sottovoce said...

I have so many favorites...recently, I have been enjoy Rollins. :-) Thank you.
jaquerichards at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Belgian detective and favorite!

iowa333 at yahoo dot com

Ryan said...

i love agatha christies books!

clc408 said...

Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle are both favorites of mine.

Anonymous said...

I like Agatha Christie, but I am also a fan of Jeffrey Archer.





Sunnyvale said...

Agatha Christie is a favorite

Anonymous said...

I like Agatha Christie.

kyl neusch said...

Jonathon Kellerman

Anonymous said...

Agatha Christie rocks.

magic5905 said...

I like Jonathon Kellerman.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

Cary G said...

I like Agatha Christie, as well as some Robert B. Parker occasionally.

Anonymous said...


LaurKnotter said...

Love Agatha Christie! said...

It's hard to beat Agatha Christie. Love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as well, plus many more

georgianna enright said...

I like Agatha Christie and also Harlan Coban

georgianna enright

sweetsue said...

I like Lawrence Sanders, his Mcnalley series is such fun.
smchester at gmail dot com

r0berts said...

Alexander McCall Smith - The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Rusty said...

I really enjoy Harlan Coban and James Patterson. rustysrambles(at)gmail(dot)com

Tamar said...

Jonathan Kellerman!
tamarsweeps at

tavernie said...

I love Agatha Christie! Shes my fave!
ptavernie at yahoo dot com

Daniel M said...

agatha christie - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

I like Joann Fluke
vmkids3 at msn dot com

sarah said...

Agatha Christie is my favorite, but I also love modern Scandinavian authors like Henning Mankell said...

I love Lawerene Sanders Books.
Diane Baum

erma said...

I like Agatha Christie.

amp said...

Agatha Christie got me started reading mysteries and is still my favorite but I love Jane Haddam, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and for cat related ones Lillian Braun jackson.

apoalillo {AT} hotmail dot com

Jody Sisson said...

Agatha Christie is my favorite, although i read them all.
jodysis at windstream dot net

Anonymous said...

Agatha Christie

Anonymous said...

Love Sherlock Homes, so Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

musiclovingmatt (at) gmail (dot) com

07violet said...

Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I'm not sure I can choose one

alterna7 at hotmail dot com

Erica C. said...

Agatha Christie was always my favorite.

Sue C. said...

My love of mysteries started with Agatha Christie and now I enjoy reading Mary Higgins Clark.

spirit_kim said...

I don't read many mysteries but, I love the Poirot. I guess I would say Agatha Christie.

Anonymous said...

I love Jonathon Kellerman.

carolpie said...

Agatha Christie
spcale at yahoo dot com

Sand said...

I've always liked Mary Higgins Clark.

Kathleen Conner said...

I actually like A.Christie's books
klconn7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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