Sunday, May 24, 2009

The book Top 10 of Britain: 250 Quintessentially British Lists by Russell Ash is a wonderful compendium of facts about all aspects of Britain and British life. The book is divided into sections such as "Historic Britain" and "People of Britain" and has many interesting facts presented. Some of the lists included are:

Top 1o Most Common Place Names in Britain

10 British Cemeteries and their Famous Inhabitants

10 Britons' Famous Last Words

10 British Execution Lasts

Top 10 Dogs' Names in the UK

The 10 Ways of Being Out in Cricket

Top 10 Singles in the UK Banned by the BBC
Top 10 British TV Catchphrases

Top 10 Richest British-Born People

Top 10 Food and Drink Brands in the U.K.

As you can see, there are a large variety of topics covered in the book. Some of the lists are presented in straight list format, such as the "Top 10 Oldest Universities in the UK" while others have interesting explanations provided for each entrant on the list ("10 Sports and Games Invented in Britain").

My only criticism of the book is that it is so fascinating and readable that before you know it, you've finished it! More, please!

Final Verdict for Top 10 of Britain: Five Gherkins, for being a handy collection of fascinating facts about Britain


mattypenny said...

You might find this interesting...a list of the most popular English road names: Halifax Estate Agents reveals the UK's Top 50 street names

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