Thursday, April 9, 2009

You would think that a film with a title screen showing a silhouette of London would surely have some interesting scenery, wouldn't you? Sadly, I've been taken in once again by a film set in London that seems to have precious little to do with the city at all. This film, I Really Hate My Job, could have been set in New York City or Tokyo, as all the action takes place during one day in a restaurant.

The synopsis of the film mentions that the five women who work in the restaurant all see themselves as something else: a writer, an actress and "a revolutionary" among other things. Well, I doubt it's any earth-shattering news that most people don't get into waitressing as a permanent career choice.

The manager, Madonna, tries (mostly unsuccessfully) to get the four women working in the restaurant to actually work. Abi, played by Neve Campbell, is the surly frustrated actress who spends most of her time smoking, snarling and snapping at customers. Alice, the struggling writer, is roped into being the cook for the day when the regular cook phones in with a hangover. Even before she starts cooking, she has odd long strands of hair hanging in her face, but once she gets into the heat of the kitchen, it gets even worse.

There was absolutely no story. The "cook" is harried and borderline competent. The rest of the workers stream in and out of the kitchen to alternately lounge around and smoke or bark orders at her. What a great idea for a film, no?

Toward the end, when the restaurant is inexplicably nearly full, Abi strips off her clothes and makes a bizarre speech that clears out the diners right sharpish. I think we are supposed to feel sympathy that she has reached the age of 30 (although she is constantly adjusting her age) and is still a waitress. Naturally, taking your clothes off in a crowd will make things *so* much better!

Final verdict for I Really Hate My Job: No Gherkins and absolutely nothing to recommend it (well, unless you are a huge Neve Campbell fan who wants to see her in the buff)


Meg said...

Haha! I hadn't heard of this film but will definitely make a point NOT to see it. Very funny review, though!

Lisanne624 said...

Meg, if I can save one person from witnessing the horror that is this film, my job is done! :)

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