Monday, September 22, 2008

While looking for good stuff to download onto my newly acquired iPod, I discovered a great site, London Landscape TV. This site features impressive videos of London. There are 5 episodes so far, each less than 10 minutes long. The videos are shot in high definition and the sound is either ambient sound or music -- there's no narration or voice overs. The videos are beautiful, and it really gives you the feeling of being there. Gorgeous!

It appears that you need to watch the videos through iTunes, but they are free, and it's free to download the iTunes player if necessary. I really enjoyed the beautiful videos. The most recent one was shot last Tuesday, so it's very timely. Head on over and look at the lovely London scenery!

Update: I obviously didn't explore the site well enough! There are tons of videos posted, and they play just fine on Windows Media Player. The link to descriptions and downloads is here.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic find!

Thanks for sharing -- I'll definitely be adding this to my link directory.

Lisanne624 said...

Isn't it great! I just love all the scenery. I'm going to explore all the previously posted videos and see if I can get some ideas of places to visit on my trip next year (as if I need any prompting!).

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