Friday, September 19, 2008

. . . the same combination of tablets that Kerry Ketona was on when she had all that trouble with Brian McFadden. And so would you be if you inhabited the world portrayed in the sketch comedy show Titty Bang Bang. The show is described on the blurbs as a "female Little Britain", and there are recurring characters, among them:

*the "shy" foreign maid, doing her best to get attention from groups touring the stately home where she works

*the Scorton Ladies' Darts Team, who never score a point

*Maxine, the plastic surgery addict who must always contend with "just a little seepage"

*Leslie Marie, the sweet teenager whose mother is desperate to go on television to talk about raising a delinquent child

*the bottomless middle-aged ladies' sewing circle

*the SHUT UP family, who subsist on duck and chips

*the lesbian Australian dance teacher of children

*Ruth Baxter, who picks "fights" with tour guides, gardeners, vicars, etc.

*Melody, the magician who inflicts various tortures on her rabbit assistant

*Don, the odd man who hires escort after escort, only to have them leave when he reveals what he really wants to do with them

There are plenty of laughs, but just as many times when you're left scratching your head at the strange characters and situations. The same characters reappear in each of the 6 episodes, and their behavior never varies. It's funny to watch an episode or two, but more than that at once and it gets a bit tiresome.

On another note: YAY! I finally won an iPod. I have an mp3 player, but it's worse than useless. The flimsy manual goes on for about 3 of its 5 pages on how to change the AAA battery. I would think that anyone who has been alive in the past 50 or so years would have been able to figure that one out. I wouldn't mind so much, but there is absolutely nothing in the rest of the manual about how to use the stupid thing -- how to navigate through the menus, what all the little icons mean, how to move between items you've downloaded, etc. I like to listen to audio books and podcasts, and occasionally I have wanted to stop listening to an audio book after, oh listening for 30 minutes or so, and move on to something else for a while. This is apparently impossible. Also, in attempting to figure our how to find something else on the player, I would inevitably press the wrong button and start my audio book back at the beginning again. AAARRRRGGGGHHH! It was beyond frustrating. So I hope the Apple people have made things a bit more user friendly. However, I was less than impressed to see this notice from my local library concerning iPods and downloadable audio books. {sigh}

Final Verdict for Titty Bang Bang: Three Gherkins, for zany, sometimes bizarre British comedy


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