Thursday, June 26, 2008

In a sad decision, the powers that be at Eastenders (bless 'em) have apparently decided that Wellard the dog is getting up there in doggy years and must be killed off. Over the years, many characters and story lines have stretched the bounds of credibility, so it seems odd that they would suddenly decide that poor Wellard has outlived his/her usefulness. Still, the poor thing has been passed around to nearly everyone on the square at one time or another, so maybe s/he would be happier in that great dog house in the sky. RIP Wellard.

On another topic, Promo Magazine this month has an article titled, "51st State? Americanization of Britain Nearly Complete." The article suggests that due to the recession in the U.S., American-based companies are eager to expand overseas. While it is sometimes nice, as a traveler, to experience the comforts of home, surely the "U.S. annexation of the U.K., the proverbial 51st state" is taking things a bit far. Too bad things aren't moving in the other direction, with the easier availability of British-based goods for us Anglophiles stranded far, far away. We can't even get decent TV programs on the laughably inane "BBCAmerica." While I must admit that I've hardly ever seen the BBC, I somehow doubt that it shows the same 3 programs over and over again. I wouldn't think alienating your core audience is the best business model, but it's what has kept BBCAmerica going for years. That they would cancel Eastenders, a hugely popular program, for endless repeats of home improvement and antique shows is their most shining example of "giving the audience what they want." Not to mention the insane decision to show a repeat of the AMERICAN program "Dancing with the Stars" and it's enough to make any Anglophile's tea boil! I can only hope that the merger between XM satellite radio (which I have) and Sirius occurs before the Americanization of BBC Radio 1 (available on Sirius, but not on XM) is complete.


Unknown said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. You have a very handy blog here that I will referring to regularly to keep up on Brit stuff. Btw my mum is bringing me the first 2 series of a show there she says is wonderful called 'Doc Martin', have you heard of it?

Lisanne624 said...

Hi Sarah, yes, you will LOVE Doc Martin! The scenery is gorgeous and the uptight doctor among all the laid back locals makes for a lot of funny situations. The first series is available here in the U.S. through Netflix. I had to break down and buy series 2 & 3 from! Hope you love it as much as I did, and please do let me know if there are other shows I should be checking out!

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