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Christine Donovan is living a complicated life. She's busy keeping up with her active toddler Heidi, recently married her long-term boyfriend Greg, and is carrying on a torrid affair with a married man.  In the twisty thriller She's Mine, Chrissy soon learns that betraying her marriage vows will have devastating consequences.  While out shopping with Heidi, Chrissy gets a phone call from her lover, telling her that their affair is over.  Distraught, she moves away from where Heidi is sitting in a stroller to get a better signal on her phone so she can try to plead with her lover not to end things.   When she eventually walks back to where she left Heidi, she's alarmed to see the child is not there.  Heidi has been kidnapped.  Although an immediate search is launched, the child is never found.

Fast forward 20 years, and Chrissy is a shell of her former self.  Although she and Greg are still married and eventually had two more children, Ella and Daniel, she's never recovered from the abduction of her firstborn daughter.  Due to that heartbreak, she has been an aloof and distant mother to her other children.  She has also become addicted to exercise and is extremely thin and underweight.  Greg has continued with his high-flying legal career, but he and Chrissy don't really communicate or even interact much anymore.  Chrissy's friends Miranda (who has her own history with Greg) and Janine convince her to start seeing a new psychiatrist, Dr.. Freya Cousins.  Although quite young, Dr. Cousins's direct and unsympathetic style resonate with Chrissy, whose guilt over losing Heidi has never abated. After so many years, it seems as if someone is trying to re-awaken the mystery of what happened to Heidi as anonymous notes, emails, packages and photos begin to arrive.

The chapters are told from varying viewpoints, and we get to hear from nearly all the characters who are mentioned.  We see what they are thinking, their histories with Chrissy and Greg, and how they all feel about the situation and each other.  I enjoyed the different voices, but sometimes I had to flip back to the beginning of the chapter to discover who the "I" and "you" were that were being discussed.  There are plenty of clues to lead the reader to several possible suspects.  Even though it's not too difficult to guess "whodunnit," there are some final twists at the end that are surprising.

I received this book as a subscriber from the monthly Tea and Book Box  from Quaintly & Co.  Each month I receive a lovely book along with a delicious selection of teas and snacks.  I have been really impressed with everything I've received so far, and am anxiously awaiting the next installment!


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