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Finlay Donovan is having a rough time.  Her husband Stephen has run off with their real estate agent, Theresa.  She has two children under the age of five and Stephen has fired Vero, the nanny.  She had already spent the advance she got from her agent for a book that was supposed to have been finished already -- but ideas are hard to come by amidst all the chaos of her daily life.  Unable to avoid the questions from her agent any longer, she agrees to meet up for coffee at a busy coffee shop (Finlay was banned from the shop after a previous incident, but she's going to wear her "author disguise" and hope for the best).  

Sitting with her agent at a table, Finlay begins to discuss possible plot points for her latest mystery novel.  Sylvia, her agent, can't understand why Finlay is having problems delivering the story, since it should follow a predictable pattern:  a woman in distress is rescued from a bad man (who is "taken care of").  When that happens (and the book is delivered) Finlay will get the rest of her money.  

Because they are having a discussion in a public place, Finlay doesn't realize someone at a neighboring table has been listening to the conversation.  The eavesdropper puts a note in Finlay's bag offering to hire her as a hitwoman to get rid of her troublesome husband in exchange for a large sum of money.  Finlay is equal parts horrified and intrigued.  Taking on this job would solve all of her money woes, but she won't really do it . . . will she?

This book is a humorous murder mystery with some slight romantic elements thrown in.  Finlay and her side-kick, super nanny Vero (who keeps the house spotless, entertains the kids, prepares gourmet meals, and studies for a degree, all without breaking a sweat) get into lots of scrapes and have to think of their feet to stay one step ahead of the police and the bad guys.  I sometimes had a little trouble following the logic when Finlay was discussing possible explanations for who was doing what in the story.  Overall, however, I enjoyed the resolution and cliffhanger that ended the book. I hope this will be the start of more adventures in the life of Finlay Donovan.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced reader's copy from NetGalley in exchange for this review


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