Wednesday, January 18, 2012

While the title might be somewhat startling, the book Shit London: Snapshots of a City on the Edge by Patrick Dalton offers up an unusual selection of photos that serve to show the unique character (and sometimes unintentional humor) that can be found in the world's most interesting city.

A lifelong London resident, Patrick Dalton began taking digital photos of amusing or strange sights that he saw on his daily rambles through the city.  One day he realized that he had a massive collection of these images and decided to put them into a book for everyone to enjoy!  In the book's introduction, he laments the general "sameness" that is taking over streets across London -- the same shops and restaurants appearing over and over again have served to displace the family-owned and distinctive establishments that helped to give many areas of London their own unique flavor.  This book is an attempt to capture some of this flavor before it disappears entirely.

The lovely full-color photos are all identified with captions identifying the location where the photo was taken.  There are also some captions which add humor to already funny photos.  There are amusing shop names, graffiti, misspellings, and signs which, while amusing, probably don't get the sought-after response (such as several amusing signs directing people not to spit, to pick up after their dogs, to stop banging doors, etc.). 

One example from the book:

Apparently, some customers were taking the cover at its word . . .

The book is a very enjoyable romp through the more amusing aspects of daily life in London proving that humor is alive and well in the metropolis!

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of the book from the Independent Publishers Group.

Final Verdict for Shit London Four Gherkins, for being an amusing look at life in the big city!


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