Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Blighty Channel is pleased to announce the TV debut of ‘Morris: A life with bells on’ at 8pm on Saturday, 29th May. Set to be a bank holiday treat the light-hearted comedy “captures the heart of England” and will charm even the most cynical of viewers.

Sunny L.A is the ultimate destination for anything film, and the land of the beautiful boasts super rich and glamorous residents alike. With the Hollywood hills as a backdrop and a whole host of talented extra’s on hand, it’s not surprising that Brit film makers Twist Films couldn’t wait to get on set to finish the La la Land storyline to their new film Morris: A Life with Bells on.

But, there was just one problem…. Twist Films had no budget to fly the entire cast and crew out to California. But, with the L.A scene being such a core part of the storyline they would have to somehow make it happen. And so the genius idea was born to turn a beach on Dorset’s South Coast into Venice Beach ‘totally awesome’!

The biggest challenge to the filming was of course the weather! The consistent rain threw out the scheduled timetable and only allowed a very small window for filming to take place. The allocated 2 days of filming the beach scene had to be squeezed into a few hours! However, the actors were unperturbed and embraced the chilling sea air (in their beachwear!) to take advantage of any sunshine there was.

The stunning location of Sandbanks is a worthy challenger to the likes of L.A. Golden beaches, space for watersports, gourmet beachside restaurants or just simply soaking up the lavish lifestyle that is on offer. If it’s luxury accommodation you are after then Sandbanks has got that covered too. Being one of the most expensive places to live in the whole world there is an abundance of multi-million pound properties and luxury hotels. Fancy a bit of celeb spotting? No problem! You could easily come across the Redknapps taking a stroll down the beach or Vernon Kaye and Tess Daly soaking up the sunshine on a well deserved break.

So if you can handle a bit of unpredictable English weather, then Sandbanks is a great alternative for those on a budget!

Here's a video clip of how they made the chilly beach in Dorset appear to be in sunny California:

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More information about the Blighty channel can be found at http://www.loveblighty.co.uk/


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