Thursday, September 3, 2009

Everybody Loves George!

It seems as if people who are successful in one career often think they will be equally successful in another. I'm sure we all remember Michael Jordan's baseball career, Eddie Murphy's album, and Madonna's films. It is rare when a celebrity is able to cross over into another field, but George Foreman has. After his boxing career slowed down, he branched out into a new career doing endorsements. Of course, his most famous endorsement was of the George Foreman grill. Part of what makes him such a successful pitchman is not only his likability, but his focus and determination to succeed. In his book Knockout Entrepreneur, Foreman takes the lessons he's learned throughout life and uses them to show how anyone can be successful in their own "ring" in life. This is no "get rich quick manual;" Foreman consistently emphasizes that hard work, persistence and dedication are crucial elements in any plan for success. He also stresses the link between job satisfaction and family life. Sprinkled throughout the book are "Georgisms," his words of advice to help achieve success. Each chapter in the book ends with "Knockout Ideas to Stimulate Success" which summarize his advice. Inspirational reading!


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