Monday, March 23, 2009

The trials and tribulations of three couples are portrayed in the series Cold Feet. The modern series takes place in Manchester and follows the ups and downs in the lives of three couples. There's David and Karen, a couple growing apart as his social aspirations take precedence over the family as frazzled Karen tries to cope with a baby alone. We also meet Pete and Jenny, new parents who are adjusting to their changed roles in life. And finally, there's Rachel and Adam, who, when the series begins, meet by accident (literally) and start dating. Adam finds he has to prove his love to Rachel in a somewhat unorthodox manner . . . I just hope the thorns were removed from that rose first!

The series starts out as a comedy, but there are plenty of uncomfortable moments and misunderstandings that seem always to threaten the relationship of one or other of the couples. I am not a total fan of the series yet. I've just watched season one, and I believe it went to 5 seasons in the U.K.

I must admit, I haven't seen much of James Nesbitt, but he didn't impress me at all in this show. His self-satisfied smirk at whatever was being discussed quickly grew old. Also, the fact that the three couples were constantly spreading rumors that quickly got out of hand grew old as a plot device after the first 3 or so times it was used.

I'll watch some of season 2 in order to find out if it improves, but at the moment, I'm not a huge fan of Cold Feet. The scenes of Manchester are nice, though! I'm also quite impressed with Hermoine Norris, who plays the most sympathetic character I've seen her do in ages, the stressed-out housewife Karen.

On a sad note, I was really upset to learn that last week Sylvia Plath's son Nicholas Hughes committed suicide in Alaska. It must have been very difficult to have grown up as the child of successful mother that you didn't even remember. I hope he's at peace now.

Final Verdict for Cold Feet, Series 1: Two Gherkins, for some funny moments, but mostly drawn-out scenes of unfunny misunderstandings


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