Saturday, March 28, 2009

I was interested to read about the upcoming extension that is being planned for the Tate Modern gallery. It certainly is an interesting shape. It is projected to be completed by 2014, if Boris Johnson can be persuaded to drop his protests over sloping floors. I have only been to the Tate Modern once, when I was taking a class in London. Everyone in my class was informed that they simply could not miss the upside-down- couch-with-the-squealing-lady display. Well, I'm sure it has another name, but that's always how I'll remember it! I must visit again on my next trip to London and see if she's still drawing the crowds . . .


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...don't know what I think about that. I guess it is the Tate Modern after all.

Lisanne624 said...

I guess all the new building projects are now trying to out-do each other! Wonder what they'll come up with next?

rob said...

Hmmmmmmmm! so other people visit the Tate modern too Hmm I wasn`t impressed when I visited (Rodchenko exhib), sure I understand the importance of Rodchenko to the Art Modernist. The Dali museum at Fiqueras, now theres a great exhibition

Lisanne624 said...

Hi Rob, well, I think it's interesting what some people consider "art" -- most of the questionable pieces seem to be on display at the Tate Modern!

Meg said...

I've been to the Tate a few times recently and can't say I remember that particular couch (or any couch for that matter) but I'll have to go check again. Quite a unique extension, you're right. The Southbank certainly wins for craziest skyline, that's for sure!

Lisanne624 said...

Meg, I'm going to London at the end of the month (hooray!) and I'll have to see if the balloon-couch-lady is still there. It'd be much easier to look up online if I knew what it was actually called!

Meg said...

Lisanne, I've asked our incredibly awesome arts editor at Spoonfed and he doesn't think it's there anymore but doesn't know the name either. Now we're trying to hunt it down in the office, haha. I'll let you know if we solve the mystery!

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