Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks to Diana over at Hail Britannia for posting a link to a hilarious complaint letter that Richard Branson received after a poor unsuspecting customer was subjected to a truly hideous dining experience on a recent Virgin flight. I have been known to fire off the occasional irate missive myself when circumstances warranted it, but after reading this letter, it's no wonder that my complaints fell on deaf ears. I am truly a humble amateur in the world of angry consumerism. I just love the conversational tone of the Virgin letter ("Look at this Richard") and the accompanying photographs. I'll keep this letter as a model of how to complain . . . colorfully.

Speaking of colorful, I love to see on my Live Traffic where and how people wander onto my blog. Imagine my surprise when I saw that one recent visitor had done a Google search on the terms "Brendan Fraser feet stink" and, naturally, my blog came up (?). I have to admit that I'm a bit puzzled by that one. Maybe the searcher was engaging in a bit of Googlewhacking. It's nice to have visitors, but I must review my blog to see where my discussion of Mr. Fraser's offending feet occurred. Of course, now that I've mentioned this, I fully expect to be the top result the next time some searches that phrase!

I heard a commercial on BBCAmerica today stating that the BAFTA Awards would be broadcast "live" on Sunday at 8:00 PM. I don't see how this could be, since that would mean it would be taking place at around 2:00 AM London time. Somehow I doubt that. I also doubt I will watch the ceremony, since Jonathan Ross will be hosting. {Shudder}


Expat mum said...

What sort of animal put vegetables in a dessert? Probably the same people who put dessert on a plate with dinner - commonly known in the southern USA as the fruit salad. When I first moved to the States I lived in Texas and every salad had this frothy, meringue-like fruit stuff served up with lunch! Yuck!

Lisanne624 said...

The frothy stuff probably was our greatly beloved (in the south, anyway) Jello. It's amazing how they figure out how to use Jello in new and unexpected ways!

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