Monday, February 16, 2009

I noticed this sign recently. Hmm, it does ring a faint bell with me somehow. It reminds me of something, but I just can't put my finger on it . . . I'm sure it will come to me in time!

On another note, I was interested to see a recent article about the most stolen books from UK bookstores. Interestingly enough, the most stolen book is the London A-Z street atlas. There must be many other directionally-challenged-but-short-of-cash travellers out there aside from myself. Not that I would resort to stealing, of course! Other reference books such as dictionaries and travel guides also make the list of "hot" books. The most stolen fiction writer is Terry Prachett. And they said people don't read for pleasure anymore!

I was also sad to see that John Nettles will be leaving Midsomer Murders after the current season. The series will continue without him, apparently, which is good news. This follows the recent news that David Jason will be leaving Frost after the current season. Hrumph. Just like these flighty actors -- get us hooked on a series and then bail on us! Both series have been on for 13 seasons. I still haven't come anywhere close to watching all of either series, so there's plenty of interesting viewing ahead for me.


Anonymous said...

You should send that to Annie Mole's excellent Going Underground blog. She's collecting photos of roundels that aren't on the Tube:

Lisanne624 said...

Thanks for mentioning that Mark! The Going Underground blog is excellent. In fact, I think it was the first blog I ever read. I'll be sure and send my "find" in!

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a pocket map of London just today and I can completely understand why the A-Zed is the most stolen. Blimey, I forgot how big London is!

Lisanne624 said...

Melissa, I took a class in London a few years ago, and the instructor recommended certain points to have a "good" map of London. I wish I could remember what points were! I had a map with me on my last trip, and it covered a very small area. It had seemed perfectly adequate from home, but once I got there, I kept running out of map!

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