Thursday, February 26, 2009

In reading my email this morning, I discovered both happy and sad news. The terribly sad news is that Eastender's Pauline Fowler, actress Wendy Richard, died today. She had been suffering from cancer and had spoken in the press about her disease. She had a long and wonderful career, but of course I will remember her best as scowling Pauline Fowler. I'd seen an early episode of Eastenders online not long ago, and I was shocked at how young and happy she seemed. She will be greatly missed.

The happy news is that after years of living together, Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria has announced her engagement to her former personal trainer Daniel Westling. The wedding will take place in 2010, when Victoria will be nearly 33. Since they have been a couple for so long, I always wondered why they didn't just marry. Of course, Swedes are much more open to living together instead of marriage, but you would think being the heir to the throne that there would be pressure on her to produce the future heir. I'm sure the people of Sweden will have had enough talk of weddings by the time they actually get married! Grattis Victoria och Daniel!


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