Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 is starting off on with a bad omen. I received a card in the mail today to convert the remaining issues in my subscription to Radar Magazine to another publication, since Radar has stopped publishing. What a sad day! I was always amazed and shocked by at least one thing in every issue of the magazine, and so I'm going to miss it terribly. As a frequent lurker on alt.gossip.celebrities, I'm no stranger to "blind items" (an example: "They have been together for several years, and enjoy the prestige and perks that come from being part of a famous couple. The only problem is that they can’t stand each other. They essentially lead separate lives, but are photographed together at red carpet events to allay suspicions, and to allow each of them to continue to command top dollar for their respective projects."). What was refreshing about Radar was that they didn't beat around the bush. If they had some dirt on someone, they put it right out in the open. {sniffle} I'm really going to miss that, although I was genuinely amazed that they printed some of the things they did. Perhaps the lawsuits (or threats of lawsuits) finally did them in.

The Radar website is still active, although it looks as if only the "Fresh Intelligence" section is still being updated. Maybe they will make another comeback one of these days (this was apparently the third time the magazine ceased publication).

R.I.P. Radar . . . it was fun while it lasted.


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