Sunday, January 11, 2009

Since I watch a lot of British TV series, it isn't unusual for me to see an actor that I just know I've seen before, but can't immediately remember where. I will ponder for a while, but if it doesn't come to me, there's always the Internet Movie Database to help solve the puzzle.

Today I was watching the first episode of Kavanagh Q.C. with John Thaw when it happened again. There was an actor that looked so familiar . . . I was just beginning my pondering when he disappeared. I became engrossed in the story and forgot about him until he popped up on the screen again near the end of the episode. He sort of tilted his head and then . . . oh . . . my . . . goodness. It hit me: IT WAS MINTY WITH HAIR!! I suppose I must have known, that somehow, somewhere, such a sight existed, but I had never encountered it before.

On another Eastenders note, I had to giggle when Kate Winslet thanked Pauline Fowler during her Golden Globe acceptance speech. OK, so it wasn't that Pauline Fowler, but it was still funny!


Anonymous said...

OMG- it's like kismet. I yelled out when Kate said Pauline Fowler too. lol! I said something silly like "Yep, Pauline's not in Walford anymore!"

Lisanne624 said...

During the first day of a college class a few years ago, the instructor was taking roll and reading out names. Let me tell you, my head whipped around like something from the Exorcist when he said, "Michelle Fowler?" I did so want to ask her if she'd heard from Lofty lately, but I restrained myself!

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