Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My goodness, but it seems as if Britain has been in the news one way or another quite a bit over the past few days. Where to begin?

How about this article, from my own local newspaper this morning, about how the BBC and SkyNews are both refusing to air an appeal asking for donations to a charity which aids Palestinians in Gaza after the recent fighting there. The situation is creating quite a stir, apparently, with demonstrations and calls in other media outlets for the appeal to be shown. The most interesting thing is that, according to the article, the reason the top two media companies are refusing to air the appeal is that they must "protect their journalistic impartiality." I'm sorry, but coming from Rupert Murdoch (king of all things Fox in the US), that is too funny.

In other news that I'm sure will come as a shock, Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry are no longer a couple. One newspaper carried photographs of the seemingly unheartbroken Ms. Davy, but pointed out that she was wearing a bit too much makeup. I guess we can deduce from this that the press is taking Prince Harry's side in the breakup. Still, I suppose that's the smart thing to do, given that Ms. Davy will have outlived her usefulness to the press if the breakup is permanent.

The travel site Frommer's has found some travel bargains to London, courtesy of the weakening pound. I'm sure we don't wish any financial hardships on our overseas friends, but all American anglophiles are breathing a sigh of relief that the exchange rates are getting a bit more favorable.

Finally, it appears that there will be a U.S. version of Absolutely Fabulous after all (again with the Fox network, they are popular today!). I'm a bit afraid of how it will turn out. Still, Jennifer Saunders is an executive producer, so maybe she will be able to keep some of the original flavor.


MikeH said...

For the most part, I think the BBC is brillient, but this is not one of their best decisions.

Lisanne624 said...

I know, it must be difficult to have to weigh which group you're going to offend every day.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried about the AB FAB take off also. I wasn't happy with the American version of The Office. Saunders was on Graham Norton recently and said she is not involved in the writing. This concerns me.

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