Friday, November 7, 2008

"British Intelligence" is a highly questionable concept after watching the 1990s TV series The Piglet Files. Peter "Piglet" Chapman (so named because all the other animal code names beginning with "P" were already taken) is recruited into the British spy organization MI5 due to his expertise with electronics. He is not allowed to tell his wife or anyone else that he is now working for the secretive organization. The MI5 that Piglet joins turns out to be dazzlingly inept, with missions frequently spent watching the wrong house or following the wrong person. Luckily, the enemy agents, "the Russians", seem to be just as hopelessly inept as their British counterparts.

I am not sure if it was part of the plan to make the agents look even sillier, but I was really amused by all the "high tech" gadgets that Piglet attempted to introduce into the agency:

The unwieldy size of most of the "gadgets" would surely render them pretty useless to agents in the field. It's also interesting to note that cell phones were not yet on the scene when this series was filmed. That actually led to a pretty funny moment when Piglet, racing to reach the pay phone, was spied by an unamused elderly lady breathing heavily into the receiver. Most shows on TV today seem to involve mobile phone conversations, and little else!

Final verdict for The Piglet Files: Three Gherkins, for being an amusing, if somewhat dated Britcom


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