Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last week was finally the return of the Ray Peacock Podcast. Hooray! It had been on hiatus over the summer, and I had anxiously checked the website (warning! Parts of previous podcasts automatically start playing, and some are definitely not suitable for work!) faithfully hoping for a new series, and I my patience was finally rewarded. Series 4 and earlier episodes are available for download at chortle.co.uk. The podcast is apparently based on a format established by Ricky Gervais, although I've never listened to his version. In the Peacock podcast, comedians Ray Peacock and Ed Gamble mercilessly torment actor Raji James, "an ex-celebrity who used to be on Eastenders but ruined it." The series has had some truly hilarious moments, such as when Raji answered questions that had been submitted on a Dr. Who fan website, or when Ed and Ray tried (unsuccessfully) to help Raji become gainfully employed by writing letters to potential employers. Poor Raji, his life just seems to be on a never ending downward spiral, and luckily, Ray and Ed are here to faithfully document it for us!

Now that I think about it, soon after the Ferreira family trundled onto the square, BBCAmerica cancelled Eastenders. At the time I was rather upset, but in retrospect, perhaps they were trying to spare those of us across the pond from the ruination. Hmm . . .
Final Verdict for the Ray Peacock Podcast: Five Gherkins, for topical British humor


Anonymous said...

They didn't stay very long. Maybe a year or two after that. There is a new Indian family on the square and their storyline has gone nowhere as well. I'm really enjoying the character of Anwar and his family on Skins though. I'll try to check out this podcast.

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