Saturday, October 4, 2008

I enjoy Simon Pegg movies, so it was with great anticipation that I got ready to watch Run Fatboy Run. The film concerns a loser, Dennis, who 5 years previously had left his pregnant fiancee at the alter. Now that she has a rich, successful, hunky boyfriend, Dennis decides that he wants her back. Hunky boyfriend, played by Hank Azaria, also runs marathons, so Dennis, not to be outdone, declares his intention to run in an upcoming marathon. The film is predictable as out-of-shape Dennis attempts, very slowly, to "train" for the big run. The most ridiculous thing is how they attempt to make Dennis "fat". He hunches over and seems to have a rolled up newspaper or something down the front of his shirt to make a laughable pot belly. Does anyone else think it's odd that Renee Zellweger has to "put on weight" to play Bridget Jones, but a male actor can get by with baggy clothes and a slouch? Hmmmm . . .

I was most excited to see that Hank Azaria's character worked in, of all places, the Gherkin! There were a few lovely exterior shots, followed by Dennis entering the lobby. Since I've never been inside, I wonder if this is really the lobby? The film really lost points (or Gherkins) with me, however, when Azaria's character mentioned his plan to leave London for . . . Chicago!?! OMG! As if anyone who lived in the greatest city and worked in the greatest building would vacate them for Chicago? The film lost what little sense of reality it had going for it at that point. Other than that glaringly obvious plot flaw, the film was a fun enough way to spend an evening, and the occasional London views were lovely.

Final Verdict for Run Fat Boy Run: Three Gherkins, for lovely scenery of London and a special guest appearance by the Gherkin itself!


tennswede said...

Renee' doesnt have to put on weight, she does it because of her care for the art.

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