Thursday, September 25, 2008

The U.K. version of the Nickelodeon channel is apparently doing a children's Halloween spoof of Eastenders called Beastenders. Check out the photo of "Dot Rotten" smoking! Oh for a photo of Ian Squeal . . .

On another Eastenders note, DigitalSpy has reported that YouTube is going to host a "best of Eastenders" channel, with clips of important events throughout the years.

I started watching a new series on DVD called Waking the Dead. The first disk only had two episodes, so that's all I have to go by. So far, I'm not impressed. In the first episode, "Pilot", most of the characters screamed at each other when they were on screen for any amount of time together. The resolution of the case borders on the absurd. The second episode, "Burn Out", had its own problems. The series concerns a "cold case" team that is put together to try to solve old crimes. When the second episode starts, they have been given a 3 week deadline to solve a decade old attempted extortion case. Why all the rush when the case is so old is never explained. The head of the team, DCI Peter Boyd, becomes sidetracked when a young woman asks for help in solving her father's murder. The problem with this episode was that the clues as to the resolution were flying thick and fast from the beginning of the program, and the team members remained clueless. It was quite annoying. I frequently get annoyed when characters come up with a solution to a problem seemingly out of thin air, but this was the opposite. I was sitting there exclaiming at the TV screen, "Oh, come on!" Another annoying thing was that the forensic specialist (who continually melted down in the first episode and seemed to be on the verge of tears most of the time) was given the evidence from the extortion case, nearly 4000 items, to sort through. The other team members said they couldn't help, because they were rushed off their feet. Cut to the scene of them hair twirling, foot-tapping, and stretching:

The series has gone on for 8 seasons, and appears to still be in production, so I'm hoping it gets better!


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