Monday, August 18, 2008

Yesterday afternoon I was watching the coverage of the Olympics, when Jim Lampley, one of the hosts of the program, started talking about how many medals Britain has won so far in the Olympics. They are winning many medals in cycling. In fact, something like 25% of the medals they've won have been in cycling. So I was feeling happy that the accomplishments of a nation other than the USA were being praised, when he had to add, "If only [the Olympics] had snooker, darts and a dog show." WHAT? There was no need for the snide comment, intended, it seemed to me, to diminish the accomplishments of the British Olympic team. The only thing reason for it would appear to be that since it is apparently taboo to criticize or question their Chinese hosts, the NBC commentators feel the need to belittle other nations. It was totally rude and unnecessary in an otherwise positive assessment of Britain's success in the games . BOO JIM LAMPLEY. Then again, no doubt he'd had a few nips before going on the air.

I'm listening to Watermelon by Marian Keyes, and finding it to be delightful. Some of the agonizing over whether the boyfriend will call or not and what he meant by such and such thing he said can get a bit tedious. Still, there is enough of her funny dialogue and interesting situations to make the book worthwhile.

I just started reading The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne. It was a bit difficult to get in to it at the beginning, but I'm starting to enjoy it. It does seem to follow the usual "Brit-Chick-Lit" pattern -- hopelessly inept heroine, terrific and overly-supportive friends, and a muddled love life. Check -- got all the elements so far!

Final Verdict on Jim Lampley: 0 Gherkins, for being a rude, insensitive jerk (I knew I'd have occasion to inflict the "0 Gherkin" wrath one of these days!)


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