Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am a huge fan of the podcast This Week In London. The man behind the show, the incredibly generous Paul Parkinson, is an amazing resource of great information about London. He also makes his contact information available for listeners to get in touch. His podcasts are a wonderful mix of facts about London, humor, and music.

Occasionally, he runs contests related to subjects in his podcasts. Recently, he interviewed two officials with the Docklands Light Railway, part of the London Underground System. He offered a "DLR Goody Bag" to one lucky listener, and hooray! I won! Yesterday I received it in the mail, and here was the haul:
Several very informative booklets about the DLR's history and future expansion plans, a short DVD about the new Langdon Park station, a very sturdy ink pen, some yummy jelly beans in a train-shaped box, and a DLR watch! I love the London Underground, and the DLR portion is great fun to ride. The trains all seem very neat and clean and since there is no driver on those trains, it feels rather like riding a roller coaster. Of course, I know that if I were a commuter who had to deal with crowds, rising fares and delays on a daily basis, the appeal of the tube would likely soon wear off. As an occasional visitor, however, I continue to enjoy the convenience and novelty of riding the trains. Knoxville, sadly, hasn't seen anything other than freight trains in years (although as someone who lives near the tracks, I can attest that the freight trains are still plentiful).

Thanks again to Paul and the DLR, and keep those podcasts coming!

Final Verdict for This Week In London Podcast: 5 Gherkins for great, relevant, up-to-date London content


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