Friday, July 25, 2008

Get on board

The second season of Big Train was a vast improvement over the first one, mainly in terms of navigation on the DVD. At least this DVD had actual menus and let you move between episodes and scenes. There was also a refreshing lack of mandatory commercials at the beginning.

The second season of the series features Tracy-Ann Oberman, Chrissie-that-was-on Eastenders. I actually enjoyed the second season more than the first. There didn't seem to be as many absurd sketches in the second season, and the overall time for each sketch seemed more reasonable. Some of the painfully unfunny sketches went on and on during the first season. There were plenty of laughs in both, though, and lots of wacky characters!

Final Verdict for Big Train: Two Gherkins, for some funny moments and recognizable faces!


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