Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last night I had a free ticket to a sneak preview of the film Wanted. The film was an unrealistic, confusing mis-mash of a bunch of shootings, car chases, crashes and explosions -- typical Hollywood dreck, in other words. Buy hey, free is free! Anyway, at one point in the film, a character walked on screen and I instantly recognized him. The actor, I mean. I didn't know his name, but I've seen him many times before. A quick look-see in the IMDB shows that the actor's name is Marc Warren. I recognize him from The Vice and State of Play (every scene of which was stolen by the magnificent Bill Nighy). He played, unfortunately, a somewhat pathetic and sniveling loser in each of those series, so it was good to see him in something else. In Wanted, however, I don't think he had any lines -- or if he did, I don't remember. His "job" in the film was to administer beatings to the main character, played by James McAvoy. I never fully understood why, but I think at one point there was a reference to the fact the beatings were supposed to "toughen him up" and make him ignore pain. Or something. Another annoying thing about Wanted was the sight of James McAvoy's teeth. I know that everyone makes fun of the state of British dentistry, but surely he's a big enough star now to afford a little cosmetic work? Very distracting . . .

I'm still being entertained on the audio book front by the delightful Mma Ramotswe in Blue Shoes and Happiness. I only have a few more audio books in that series before I've listened to them all, and it will be a sad day when I have to say goodbye to them until the next book is released. It was nice in this book to encounter someone who is kind to snakes. Although most of the snakes in Botswana (at least in these books) are potentially deadly, so I guess people have good reason to fear them. Still, I've never understood the "there's a snake/spider/etc. -- kill it!" point of view. Those creatures are just trying to get along, like the rest of us, so it's better to try to show some compassion. Now those earwigs in my basement are another story . . . :)


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